The idea never dies

Despite my long foray into the engineering facet of buildings (6 years), my architectural ideas just haven’t died. Seemingly out of the blue, I get these bursts of ideas. Some of them I’ve written down (drawn, researched and investigated), and others I’ve ignored for a variety of reasons. While some people might think it is impossible to be both an architect and an engineer, deep inside me I know that it is not impossible. Heck, I even have precedents: Michelangelo, John Augustus Roebling (he didn’t practice architecture),Santiago Calatrava, Cecil Balmond, Dr. Ken Yeang, Michael Fletcher, and more.

I would love to pick the brains of the men and women (I would appreciate any leads on women who are trained and/or operating in the fields discussed here) that have forayed into this facet of the AEC industry and have managed to operate in the AE intersection of the Venn diagram below:

                     AEC venn diagram

For the many people who have this passion for buildings, space, and how people exist and interact in/with space, the idea never dies. If we have to follow a non-traditional route to achieve it, so be it! I would rather pave a non-traditional path than look down a road of regret to a graveyard of ideas. So, as much as this is a blog for information exchange, I am using this particular post to motivate myself; and say, YES! Go for it! Despite the uncertainty of the job market, and the questioning frowns at my resume when my degrees are noticed, I CAN do it!


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