I think I’m a real Houstonian now

As some of you know, I spent most of my summer with family in beautiful and hot Houston.

20100626_002   20100724_001

             Downtown Houston                                              Rice University

I have been pounding the pavement literally and internetually (new word alert! :), though the real term is ‘virtually’) looking for an entry level job as a Structural engineer and have found nothing so far. At this point even a temp CAD drafting position is welcome. Despite that, I have made some great contacts and have met several mostly young engineers and architects by jumping feet first into available AIA, ASCE, TSPE, SEAoT, and SWE events.

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting my car registered, getting a new title, and driver’s license. It was a really long day and I drove all over the city to get everything done. I even found myself on the road to Louisiana when my gps refused to work after getting my car inspected. Who knows, I may have become a Louisianan instead :). Anyway, I am now a registered Houstonian! 🙂 Given my current unemployed but searching status if I suddenly get employed in another state I would have to either renounce my newly minted Texan-ness, or proudly bear the emblem of the Lone Star State and proclaim the largeness of Texas :). But I will cross that bridge when I get to it. In the meantime I’ll continue to discover bits and pieces of this sprawling Southern city. Adios!


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