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Spring break: A photo essay

20100320_001 (2)

I thought it was interesting that this muscle car was being ported on a beautiful Saturday morning, instead of enjoyed with the top down.







20100320_002A bio-chemical company’s office building in New Haven, Connecticut.








Yale School of Medicine – where the unfortunate incident of a student stuffed in the wall occurred. As a guest I could not enter the building without a student/faculty member with an I.D. card.















A humorous cartoon in one of the very many labs. 











An interesting three-door elevator. The two on the right opened flush into the third.












Interesting detail in the wall of the foyer of Yale’s medical library (I think). It’s not easy to see but the inscription at the bottom says 1890 – 1932.






20100323_001 20100323_002

Interesting details in the new addition in the Westfield mall at Orange, CT. There’s beautiful bar-like seating around this columns (the two pictures are of the same column, but slightly different views), and more to the right of the column. Creates a better atmosphere than the regular all floor seating in most mall food courts.



Pittsburgh skyline across one of the numerous bridges.







Another picture of the Pittsburgh skyline. I took these pictures while sitting in traffic, and it was quite a gloomy day.






Yet another bridge. Taken while heading towards the Oakland area of Pittsburgh.







Interesting detail in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Didn’t get close enough to determine if the head was cloth or not. It certainly looked like it was not made of cloth.

The city was very beautiful both at night and in the day and it had a lot of green space, not very packed like parts of New York City. The air smelt fresh, and I noticed a good use of public transportation in addition to all the cars on the roads. Altogether, Pittsburgh is a city I would definitely like to visit again for the sights and more.