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Votes of confidence

It’s always encouraging when someone you respect encourages you and praises your potential. Earlier this week two of my professors, separately, gave major boosts to my confidence by telling me how sure they were, that I would be successful this semester, and in life. The first one happened when I went to discuss reducing my workload for the semester, and I ended up leaving with a smile stretched all the way to both ears, workload still in place. The second one occurred when I mentioned future plans, and he exclaimed, “Of course! I’m expecting that from you.” On the one hand it was amazing to hear(great for my self-esteem), but on the other hand I thought,”Good grief! I certainly can’t disappoint them now.” No pressure at all…

A young person always needs some form of encouragement. It can come from any place, by any means or method, but the effects of it can last for a lifetime. I distinctly remember the periods in my life where I received votes of confidence from people I highly respect who were (and still are) great in their fields, and how their simple statements and firm eye contact somehow boosted me in such a way that I went out and achieved on a level I did not know was possible. So while it feels like pressure, in a way its a good kind of pressure. The kind of pressure I embrace, and work with, knowing at the back of my mind that I’ll be making another person proud.