Getting Licensed

This is one of the many thoughts lingering in the back of my mind as I contemplate my career. The need for licensure for practising Architects and Structural Engineers cannot be overemphasized. Protecting public safety and providing dwellings for human comfort should certainly not be left in the hands of just any and everyone. However, shouldn’t a path be just that?  Rather than a maze, or an obstacle course?

Licensure for architects in the United States is rumored to be anywhere from 2 years to even 20 years!  (Wow!!! Hopefully that’s a myth perpetrated by someone who took a couple of five year breaks!). Several links I’ve read or have been reading include: @architectderek‘s How to become a licensed architect?, and the scary charts (click on the pdf’s) from Design Intelligence. So, with someone that probably has an even less clearer/sure path, how long will my architecture licensing take?

Even with the many intricate ways that Architecture and Structural Engineering are related there seems to be little information on people who intend to become licensed in both professions.  Given the intense nature, possible liability, and the sheer work involved, it’s of no surprise to me that there would be so few people that are both R.A.’s and S.E.’s

On the engineering side of things I have my E.I.T. (Engineer-In-Training) certification and since I’m currently in the process of obtaining a Master’s degree I will be required to have just 3 additional years of work experience under a P.E. (Professional Engineer) to be eligible to sit for the PE exam. So that’s 1/4 down, 3/4 to go I guess. It might seem like a weird push or desire to the professionals who are fully steeped in either field, but somehow I simply can’t shake either of the two disciplines. We’ll see how that pans out in the next five years.




1 Response to “Getting Licensed”

  1. January 23, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Nice post. I am just as familiar with that rumor as it is the same in my country Jamaica & I must say it is rather discouraging, but I will keep pressing on until I’m in the system & I make the proper links… sad to say.
    At times I agree and wonder why there has to be that time consuming obstacle but I believe it really weeds out the passionate ones we see as actual Architects out there and then I’m sure after going through the lengthy process, makes it more rewarding after succeeding. So here’s to the next … years Im ready & willing 🙂


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